The World of the OSI Group

In 1907, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, arrived in the US with a dream. It took two years for Otto to realize his dream and started a family meat business in Oak Park, Illinois. The business grew steadily, and in 1917, the German newcomer ventured into wholesale business. Due to its reputation as a supplier of high-quality meat products, the business, now known as the OSI Group, grew by leaps and bounds over the decades. It is now one of America’s largest suppliers of meat products.

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, attributes the success of the company to uniqueness. He says that although it is a large entrepreneurial firm, they don’t run it like other companies of similar stature. He runs the enterprise like a family. Every employee feels part of the business and therefore, can commit fully to company ideals. It is a unique corporate culture they have evolved over the years, and it has been highly successful.

With annual revenue of over $6 billion, OSI Group is one of the largest private companies in the US. According to Forbes, it ranks position 58 on the list of America’s biggest private businesses. This position is a clear indication of the popularity of the products and services the company puts on offer for its customers, both locally and internationally.

Due to the OSI’s commitment to quality and customer dedication, it has been able to establish a vast international network. The OSI satellites throughout the world have embraced the family approach in their management and experienced financial flexibility. The parent company emphasizes the need for integration into the local communities. Instead of just being a business, the company becomes a valuable part of the community. Consequently, the OSI progenies abroad have continued to rake in huge profits.

One reason for the sustained success of the company is its liaison with global retail businesses. One such company is McDonalds, and it has benefited OSI through its large customer base. McDonalds, just like OSI, has branches in the main cities across the globe and; therefore, helps distribute OSI products worldwide. There are many other large store food joints under the OSI wing.

Despite its family approach to management, OSI has rules and regulations just like any other company of its size. Every employee understands their boundaries and roles are clearly spelled out. To maintain a close grasp on financial discipline, the business observes strict budgetary guidelines. The result has been minimized expenditure and improved profit margins.

OSI Group has shown that it is possible for any business to succeed even in the face of a miasma of challenges. A German immigrant arrived in the US and set up a family business. A number of factors then combined to transform the small-scale enterprise into a global business giant gradually. Favorable factors do not always occur by chance: careful and strategic planning can go a long way in ensuring success in the treacherous corporate world. Upcoming companies can learn from the meticulous planning and the family approach that has yielded huge profits for the Lavin-led international company.

Helping Connect Talent with Excellent Opportunities

Julie Zuckerberg, a graduate of City University of New York, Brooklyn College, and New York Law School is an executive recruitment lead working with pride in Manhattan, New York. Her goal is to help connect the most skilled people in New York City find places in Deutsche Bank.


Working with Deutsche Bank

Her current is role is that of a skilled professional seeking out ways to bring in risk takers by working with a wide array of recruiters and coordinators throughout the region. Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal is to help create a workplace filled with a diverse array of talents and experiences, all working to the same goal of serving client’s needs.


A Happy Career

Her professional career started with Hudson back in 2002. There she helped recruit attorneys for many roles for clients throughout the area. The five years she spent with them inspired a passion for candidate placement and recruitment.


She grew from that post to becoming one of the most respected people in her industry. Her career trajectory has been a straight arrow to the top with positions at venerable institutions that include New York Life Insurance Company and Citi Bank.


She has consistently gone the extra mile to make a deal possible. By working with both her clients and the prospective talent she has been able to craft deals that make everyone happy at the end. From working with those just starting out to filling Managing Director roles for top name companies she strives to make certain that those with the passion with finding talent the right place to learn and grow in.


Having Fun with Life

Her life goes beyond her work connecting the talented with career-advancing posts. She is an avid photographer that goes around the Big Apple on many delightful running trips. Real life is a form of art she is proud to record and share with the world around her.


Learn More About Julie Zuckerberg

Reach out to Zuckerberg through her LinkedIn profile today to see how she has helped make a lasting and positive impression on many companies in New York City.

Securus Exposes the Multiple Wrongdoings of GTL in a Series of Reports

Securus will be releasing a series of reports, findings, and facts that demonstrate the wrongdoings of GTL (Global Tel Link), a communications provider to inmates. There were security breaches and other issues that will be highlighted in the articles and other reports.

Up first is a 17-page order from the Louisinia Public Service Commission regarding faults made while GTL has assisting the Lousiana Department of Corrections and offering outbound calling and other services to inmates. Upon investigation, many things were found, including:

First, GTL artificially programmed their clocks to add time to the calls so that each call seemed longer (and thus more expensive) thant it actually was. The allegation is that this is unlawful and not permitted. Secondly, GTL apparently programmed its phones to charge higher rates than those allowed by Louisiana state law. Furthermore, they billed some calls more than once and added other charges.

Perhaps most incredible is that these extra charges by GTL added up to over $1.2 million in extra costs to tax payers of the state of Louisiana. Securus has posted the entire docket for public view on their website and they encourage concerned citizens to read it and come up with the logical conclusions.

About Securus

Securus is a technology company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has clients to the tune of over 3,400 in various public agencies, law enforcement, agencies, and more and they service over 1.2 million inmates in North America. They are dedicated to serving by connecting their clients with public information, biometric analysis, investigation, emergency response, incident management, inmate call service, and monitoring technology. Their goal from all of this is to make the world a more safe place to live. Securus has entire programs and packages for public safey and criminal management available at their site, which is: Securus Technologies

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.